NEWS - We glad to inform about our new service Cargo consolidation.

Our company glad to inform about our new service «Cargo consolidation» from Europe, Russian Federation & Kazakhstan to Tajikistan. We work for yours convenience !




Cronatrans International Logistics Company exercise consolidation and sending regular sending small and medium sized consignments from different senders with further transportation consolidated shipments. Availability of own transport allows send produce with minimal time delays to the destination.

We offer:    

  •  Organization of cargo delivery without restrictions on weight and volume
  •  Formation of consignments for subsequent send
  •  Shipping to the next-door terminal

Additional services:

  • Repackaging of goods in accordance with export conditions, winding protective stretch film, strengthening the original packaging
  • Sorting of goods
  • Making export declarations on the export of goods from the European Union

Consolidation scheme

Directly from your senders cargo arrives to the nearest consolidation warehouse, where the mandatory inspection:

  •  recalculated seats and checked against data, indicated in the shipping documents;
  •  check the condition and availability of the necessary cargo for onward dispatch documents;
  •  draw up a statement of acceptance.

After that your goods together with other parties and delivered to the final destination. With consolidation warehouses consolidated shipments organized at least twice a month.

If necessary urgent delivery of small consignments, delivery from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan is carried out directly light-duty trucks.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

Using our proposed service consolidated cargo delivery service customer receives several major advantages:

  •      Cost cutting

Consolidation can significantly reduce the cost of delivering the goods. This is because the costs of transporting the cargo evenly distributed among several actors. In this case, owners of small or medium-sized businesses are in pole position, since they are paying for a small portion of the leased vehicles. When transporting goods costs a small amount of minor is especially important for international cargo shipping.

  •      Simplify the process of paperwork

Consolidation can significantly reduce the cost of delivering the goods. Customer does not take part in the process of registration of accompanying documents, transport and customs declarations, thereby greatly saving the customer time and effort. Automation of many processes of modern logistics enables our specialists most effectively arrange all the documentation as soon as possible.

  •      Safe storage and prompt delivery of goods

For storage of consolidated cargo, our company uses the most modern warehouses equipped high-performance machinery. Cronatrans International Logistics Company guarantees the safety of the goods in the course of his stay in the warehouse and the safe transportation of cargo to the destination. Besides, our company delivers goods on the most modern freight transport with an experienced driver composition so that customers can be fully confident in the safety of the transport of the goods.

Features transport:

  •  Pallet storage (dimensions: 0.8 * 1.2 * 2.5 m)
  •  Min-1 transport pallet
  •  Max transportation - no restrictions
  •  1 place in size should not exceed 2.40 * 13.60 * 2.5 m
  •  Free storage shipment within 3 days
  •  Transportation by Category "Dangerous goods" are discussed in private, depending on the specific of cargo


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