NEWS - Transit of goods from China to Russia and Kazakhstan






  • China border (Topu) - to Moscow (Russian Federation), $ 3 per 1 kg of CCG*.
  • China border (Topu) - to Novosibirsk (Russian Federation), $ 2.9 per 1 kg of CCG*.
  • China border (Topu) - to Almaty (Kazakhstan), $ 2.8 per 1 kg of CCG*.

Trucks with a single cargo executed by special tariffs and individually negotiated.

Estimated delivery time:

  • China border (Topu) - to Moscow (Russian Federation) - 14 days
  • China border (Topu) - to Novosibirsk (Russian Federation) - 12 days
  • China border (Topu) - to Almaty (Kazakhstan) - 10 days

Included in cost:

  • delivery of cargo
  • Customs clearance and brokerage services
  • Official paperwork
  • Cargo handling, picking services

*Common Consumption Goods

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